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Selecting music for the young band and for the advanced band is an important endeavor for the music educator.  Some concepts that should guide this process are:

1.  Always use the best music possible, written by respected composers.

2.  With advanced bands, try to rotate the core repertoire so that every student who leaves a band program has experienced a representative sample of some of the great works for bands/winds.

3.  In programming for concerts, use music from different style periods if possible.  Always show variety in tempi, style, meter and tonality among the works chosen.

For more information on selecting literature for bands, please select one of these two handouts which I use in my classes at SFA:

Selecting Music - Young Band Get Adobe Reader!
Selecting Music - Advanced Band Get Adobe Reader!

For more information listing specific pieces which represent the best in wind literature, please select one of these handouts:

Core Repertoire for Bands Get Adobe Reader!
Chamber Music for Winds Get Adobe Reader!


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