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Online References for
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BBS and Interest Groups

International Tuba & Euphonium Association
This organization helps in spreading knowledge of the tuba & euphonium world wide.
Sean Chisham's TubeNet
This website is one of the most popular BBS for tuba & euphonium. Registration is free and it has a lot of different links to shops, organizations, and tuba-euphonium job listings as well as providing pedagogical references.
Tuba News
This is a monthly newsletter that features new articles of interest on the tuba & euphonium
Dave Werden's Home Page
David Werden has a few features on his site that are very unique such as suggested repertoire lists and other tuba-euphonium references.
This event has become an incredible spectacle during the Christmas season.

Instruments and Equipment

Custom Music Company
Perantucci Home Page
Tuba Exchange Home Page
The Woodwind & the Brasswind
Wilson Music Company
Baltimore Brass Company

Sheet Music and Materials

Tuba-Euphonium Press
Hickeys Sheet Music
Windsong Press
Tap Music Sales
Piccolo Press
Magnolia Music Press
Crystal Records
Mark Custom Records
Tuba Studio
Robert King Music

Professional Tuba and Euphonium Players


Patrick Sheridan

Oystein Baadsvik

Jim Self

Floyd Cooley



Adam Frey

Steven Mead


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