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Recommended References
for Tuba & Euphonium


Compiled by
Dr. Skip Gray
University of Kentucky

Additions by
Jorge Davi Salas
Stephen F. Austin State University

Bevan, Clifford. The Tuba Family. Piccolo Press., 2001. Price $60 US.
This is one of the most comprehensive texts on the instruments in the tuba family. A must have for any professional tuba or euphonium player.

Bobo, Rodger. Mastering the Tuba. Switzerland: Editions Bim., 2003. Price $29 US.
This text is a combination of fundamental exercises for any brass player and pedagogical ideas.

Brasch, Harold T. The Euphonium and 4-Valve Brass: An Advance Tutor. Annandale, VA: Tuba-Euphonium Press., 1996. Price $20 US.
Contains advice and musical exercises by one of the twentieth century's great euphonium virtuosos.

Farkas, Philip. The Art of Brass Playing. Rochester, NY: Wind Music Inc., 1962. Price $14.75 US.
A highly detailed yet understandable text covering embouchure, mouthpiece placement, articulation, and breath control.

Frederiksen, Brian. Edited by John Taylor. Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind. Gurnee, IL: Windsong Press Limited, 1996. Price $29.95 US.
A complete biographical and philosophical treatise covering the master performer/teacher. An essential text.

Kleinhammer, Edward. The Art of Trombone Playing. Evanston, IL: Summy-Birchard Co., 1963. Price $16.95 US.
An excellent guide to all aspects of trombone performance, much of which is directly applicable to the tuba and euphonium. Also contains a number of exercises geared towards the improvement of fundamentals. Kleinhammer was the bass trombone colleague to Arnold Jacobs in the Chicago Symphony.

Lehman, Art. The Art of Euphonium Playing. Annandale, VA: Tuba-Euphonium Press, 1996. Price $21 US (for both volumes I and II).
A reprint of this edition originally distributed in the 1970's. Contains information on performance written in colloquial style. Also contains virtuoso solo works for euphonium performed by Lehman, a member of the United States Marine Band from the 1950's into the 1970's.

Little, Donald C. Practical Hints on Playing the Tuba. Melville, NY: Belwin Mills Publishing Corp., 1984. $6.95 US.
An excellent handbook dealing with essential aspects of playing the tuba.

Miles, David. An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Contemporary Euphonium Solo Literature by American Composers. Annandale, VA: Tuba-Euphonium Press, 1995. Price $20 US.
An example of a very good doctoral research project with important information on euphonium solo literature.
Morris, R. Winston and Goldstein, Edward R., editors. The Tuba Source Book. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1996. Price $90 US.
The most complete encyclopedia available for the tuba. Chapters include lists and information on nearly every work written for the instrument, tuba history, biographical sketches of professional tubists, equipment information, and much more.
Stewart, M. Dee. Arnold Jacobs-The Legacy of a Master. Northfield, IL: The Instrumentalist Publishing Col, 1987. Price $18 US.
An interesting and sometimes inspiring collection of "the personal and pedagogical recollections of thirty-one of Arnold Jacob's colleagues, students, and friends." Arnold Jacobs is universally regarded as not only one of the greatest tubists of all time, but also one of the most outstanding teachers of the mechanics of breathing.


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