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Literature for the Trombone

by Dr. Deb Scott
Assistant Professor of Music
SFA School of Music
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Solo Literature Sources
Method Books -- Private Lessons

Solo Literature Sources

Prescribed Music List (Texas Music Educators Association/UIL)
This book is published every few years and lists all the band and solo literature appropriate for contests. (Class I is the most difficult.) It is also a very good resource of standard repertoire.

Method Books -- Private Lessons

Complete Method (all levels)
Baker, Buddy Tenor Trombone Method -- Includes all scales with correct alternate positions, tonguing, slurring, breathing, multiple tonguing

Beginning Methods
Bordner, Gerald. First Book of Practical Studies
Voxman. Selected Duets, Vol.1

Intermediate Methods
Bordogni. Trans. Rochut Melodious Etudes Book I
*Voxman. Selected Studies for the Trombone
Fink. Introducing the Tenor Clef
*Fink. Advanced Musical Etudes

Advanced Methods
Couillaud. Thirty Etudes Modernes
Fink. Introducing the Alto Clef
Uber. Virtuoso Clef Studies
Bordogni. Melodious Etudes Book II

*Texas All-State etudes usually come from these method book.


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